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Chunk List

A Chunk List is a new, concurrent, chunk-based data structure that is easily modifiable and allows for fast run-time operations.
It is an array-based list of elements in which data is stored in inner lists of a certain capacity, allowing for easily modifiable and faster runtimes based on the number of elements being stored. A simple way to conceptualize a chunk list would be an ArrayList (dynamic array) of ArrayLists. The main list would contain the "chunks", or ArrayLists that are not allowed to be filled past a specific capacity. Using concurrency, we can run each chunk on a separate thread when doing tasks such as searching or removing.


Planet Spinner

In my spare time, I had decided to attempt to make a rendering system that could draw 3-dimensional objects through javascript without the use of WebGL. In doing so, I managed to make a render of Earth that could spin indefinitely on its own through a camera, giving it a more 3D look without rendering any objects themselves. It took about two weeks, so I decided to add in the ability to change the planet to all of the (known) planets in our solar system, using a rectangular map of the planet to fold it over a sort of 2d-sphere. Eventually, I decided to add on all of the moons in the solar system that I could find maps for, and after a month of working nonstop on the project, it finally was complete.

Material Parallax Website

This was a website I had made as a template for future use. I originally made it to test out using parallax through javascript, as well as testing out making a lightbox and making a website with responsive platform sizing. My idea was to use this eventually as a basis for a portfolio website, but never ended up using it.


PTDOAA is a truck driving organization which reached out to me early on during my senior year looking for a website which would integrate the posts on their facebook page on their website for organization members who did not want to create a facebook account or give out their personal information, in a sense. The website is a work in progress (Primarily on the homepage), however the facebook posts do flow in and are viewable to anyone who registers on the website. This allows users anonymity for users who still would like to keep in touch with the organization and follow up with any new events.

Arise Virtual Academy

My junior year of high school I was offered a job position to webmaster for a local charter school which offers courses for homeschooling across elementary, middle, and high school. Since then, my work has influenced redesigning the home page, creating a dynamic course catalog using PHP, and a staff page.


I made this website during my first year as editor-in-chief for Parker High School's yearbook. I had created the site as a way for parents and students to have easier access to ordering a yearbook online, as well as being able to look into what it was like working as a member of the staff to get more students interested in joining the organization.

Traditional Irish Music

This website was made for a friend of mine who was given a 6-page website assignment, and had laid out plans to create a website containing information on traditional Irish music. With such, I decided to create a more blog-like style website for simplicity, with the use of no JavaScript or CSS libraries.

Protein Synthesis

This website was made primarily as a test to see some of the new features of HTML5, as well as demonstrate its capabilities above Flash as it slowly died out. I used this game as an assistant teaching tool for my biology teacher when I was a sophomore, during the time that we had been learning about protein synthesis.


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